This website is in response to the calls of many Jewish brides and grooms that just don't know where to get help with their wedding.  As a Minister-Cantor in the Cantors Assembly for twenty years,  I have had much experience in dealing with Jewish weddings.  This website is in response to the many queries that I have received throughout the years.  I am licensed in Virginia,  the District of Columbia and perform Jewish marriages also in Maryland.  I can refer you to clergy that do perform intermarriages.

Please feel free to call me at home at (301) 587-7976.  I will be delighted to answer any questions that you might have about:

There is no charge for my confidential help and counsel.

Thank you for accessing my website.  Tel: (301) 587-7976;  Fax: (301) 588-6445  email:

Coordinator:  I highly recommend Ms. Beryl Feldman for all of your coordinating needs.  Tel: 301-434-7426

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There is lots of information,  lists,  detailed description and a good time line in it.